1. Karl Lagerfeld, Hudson Kroenig and Cara Delevingne - Chanel Spring 2014 Couture Show

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  2. A few sneaky behind the scenes shots of a TV show pilot i worked on recently with Amber Renae and Jo Stanley (from the Matt & Jo Show). It was so much fun working on this project. Hopefully there will be plenty more opportunities like this to come!

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  3. Top 10 Summer Essentials under $100

    Summer is finally just around the corner! With the weather heating up (if you live in melbourne, don’t get your hopes up) I thought i’d compile a list of my fashion and beauty Summer Essentials and the best part is, they’re all under $100!

    1. Lets start with the basics; Swimwear!

    Swimwear is an obvious summer essential and if you’re anything like me you’ll be looking to update your swimwear collection every summer. There are so many gorgeous prints and colours on offer this year and as much as i love the bandeau style that has been the crowd fave the past couple of years, a part of me is glad the old triangle style bikini is making a comeback (although tan lines might become an issue). 


    Triangl - Miami Mint Bikini $86


    Tigerlily - Incense Tara Bikini Top - Indigo $74.95


    Tigerlily - Incense Giselle Bikini Bottom - Indigo $69.95


    Beach Riot Palm Print Bikini


    Beach Riot - Lagoon Top - $85

    - Nanuya Bottom - $80

    2. The Perfect Hat

    Although we all know love to get a bit of a tan, it’s still important to Slip, Slop, Slap and be sun smart. When I hear the words ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ for some reason i always think of someone wearing one of those daggy neon caps with the flaps at the back like the kids do in the sunscreen ads, with those terrible sunglasses with the strap at the back so you don’t lose them and have some awful coloured zinc on their lips (probably yellow or green). However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. It’s still possible remain beach chic while being sun smart.

    I personally have an addiction to hats. i guess it started when i was a little kid, somewhere around here: (when my mum used to dress me and my big sister a like)

    For summer, my favourite would have to be either a wide brim, fedora, or a great panama

    Myer - Wide Brim Hat - $34.95

    Tigerlily- Shayna Floppy Hat - $69.95

    Sportsgirl - Straw Panama - $29.95

    3. Fabulous Shades

    As important as it is to protect your head from the sun, it’s also important to lookout for your eyes, so if you haven’t already, i HIGHLY recommend you invest in a rad pair of shades like this lovely lady Cara Delevingne

    When looking for sunglasses, you can’t always just go for the first pair you see. It’s important to look for something that suits your face, is in proportion with the rest of your head (or you’ll look like a fly - unless you’re going for that look) and also keep in mind the colour of the frames; you want to go for something that’s going to suit your skin tone.

    Sportsgirl - Mistress - $39.95

    MINKPINK - Love Aesthetic Sunnies - $49

    4. Stay Sun Smart, Wear Sunscreen!

    And of course the number 1 in sun protection (besides being indoors), don’t forget SUNSCREEN!! 

    5. The Perfect Short.

    I feel like a really basic summer essential every girl needs is a great pair of denim shorts. Now of course style, colour, and length are all obvious going to depend on personal preference, however, a great pair of denim shorts is the perfect wardrobe must have for summer. They’re easy to wear, pretty much go with everything and they’re great to just chuck on after the beach over your bikini.

    General Pants Co. - Miss Brown Vintage Denim Shorts - $69.95

    As much as I adore a good pair of denim shorts, I think it’s important to still have a pair of shorts that aren’t denim, they’re generally a bit dressier but are still as easy to wear as the denim kind.

    Bardot - Palm Spring Short - $69.95

    6. Go Jelly!

    As you may have noticed, there is a trend that i am personally super excited about that is making a bit of a comeback since the 90s…JELLY BEAN SANDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jelly Beans - $34.95

    If you grew up in the 90s chances are you rocked a pair of these babies back in the day. (I personally strutted my stuff as a 5 year old in the gold sparkly variety). These shoes are super duper comfy and easy to wear, they come in a variety of colours and are just down right fabulous for summer.

    As we all know the dry air in summer can have some not so great affects on skin, so here are my beauty picks for summer to help keep your skin soft and hydrated through the heat.

    7. My number 1 tip for summer: Moisturise!!!

    I’ve learnt the hard way what can happen to my skin if i don’t keep it moisturised in summer. It’s important to get the right moisturiser for your skin type and also for where you want to use it. a standard moisturiser is generally fine for your body, however, if you plan to use it on your face, i recommend getting a moisturiser that is specifically meant to be used on your face. I also suggest getting one that has some kind of level of SPF protection in it (especially for your face). 

    Try to moisturise your skin at least once a day, especially your face! I find it can also slightly extend a tan! (bonus points!)

    8. LIPS! 

    I think it’s fair to say in general we all like to have beautiful soft kissable lips rather than dry cracked flaky lips.

    LUSH - Bubblegum Lip Scrub - $9.95

    I recently bought this bubblegum lip scrub from LUSH and basically fell in love. It’s so great! all you do is put a bit on your lips, give them a light gentle scrub and then, because it’s made of sugar, you can just lick it off and it tastes like cotton candy! It also comes in “Mint Julips” (mint choc-chip flavour), and “Popcorn!”

    After scrubbing your lips, you’ll want to put on a lip balm that protects and moisturises them.


    It seems the crowd have at the moment is Paw Paw lip balm which is made by various different brands and can be found in any chemist, or priceline.

    9. Mineral Make up!

    Nude by Nature

    Mineral make up is not only great for your skin but it’s light and easy to wear which is perfect for summer, you don’t want to be wearing thick foundation thats just clogging your pores anyway. 

    I know it sounds exactly like all the infomercials on tv but a friend really did show me Nude by Nature make up while on holiday in Hamilton Island a couple of years ago and now i wear it pretty much everyday. It feels so good on your skin!! You can’t even tell you’re wearing make up, and since i started using it, i noticed that now i’m less likely to get and breakouts. I got so many compliments on how nice and clear my skin looked.

    When i watch TV i’m usually like “ugh another stupid ad selling stuff that probably doesn’t even work” but its actually so great. Also because it looks like you’re not even wearing any make up, it’s great for the beach if you’re one of those girls who can’t go anywhere without at least some form of make up on. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!!

    10. Make the Memories Last.

    Whatever your plans for the summer, you’re probably going to want to remember them for years to come, and what better way to do that than taking photos! 


    I have a few different types of cameras, both film, and digital, however (beside my iPhone) i find i tend to use my Fujifilm Polaroid camera most out of any of them, its light, reasonably small, i can bring it anywhere and i can get instant snapshots of those perfect moments i know i’m going to want to remember forever.


  4. Every year in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show one very lucky Angel gets the honour of wearing the ‘Fantasy Bra’ this year South African born bombshell, Candice Swanepoel will be wearing the $10 Million bra down the Victoria’s Secret runway. 

    Candice will be joining the likes of Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, and Heidi Klum to receive the honour of wearing the ‘Fantasy Bra’, (just to name a few).

    The bra, designed by jeweller Mouawad is encrusted with 4,200 gems including diamonds, rubies, and yellow sapphires and is handset in 18-Carat gold. The bra also features a 52-Carat pear shaped ruby, comes with 2 body guards and requires gloves to be worn when putting it on. 

    Be sure to be watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later this year to see Candice strut her stuff down the runways alongside some of the worlds top supermodels.

    Some of the previous Fantasy Bras to be featured on the Victoria’s Secret runway:

    Alessandra Ambrosio - 2012 Fantasy Bra

    Miranda Kerr - 2011 Fantasy Bra

    Adriana Lima - 2010 Fantasy Bra


  5. Photos by Bertan Osman

    I finally decided to try to get over my awkwardness when having photos taken of me and actually start posting some outfits! 

    What I wore:

    Bowler Hat - Sportsgirl

    Checkered Dress - Asos

    Knee High Socks

    Chanel Bag - Chanel

    Sunglasses - Collette

    Rings - Sportsgirl, Lovisa

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  6. Claire Danes in Amarni Prive
    January Jones in Givenchy
    Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein
    Kiernan Shipka in Delpozo
    Elizabeth Moss in Andrew Gn
    Taylor Schilling in Thakoon
    Maria Menounos in Zac Posen

    2013 Emmy Red Carpet Favourites

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  7. House of Holland Spring 2014 RTW collection.

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  8. Photos from Style.com

    Burberry Prorsum Spring ‘14 RTW collection.

    Christopher Bailey seriously can do no wrong. This collection is beyond perfect!

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  9. photos from Style.com

    Sister By Sibling Spring 2014 RTW

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  10. Topshop Unique Spring 2014 RTW

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